2.5l | €25,96 / l

True Blue is a deep blue shade with a muted look, offering a sense of sophistication and
tranquility to your space. This timeless hue can be used to create elegant accent pieces or as a serene backdrop, effortlessly complementing a variety of design styles and color palettes. Pairs beautifully with 5.1 Crispy Blue.

Other matches are: Lush Green / Tender Green / Suave Grey / Soft White / Smooth Brown / Pleasant Beige / Honest Yellow / Dandy Yellow

Since this product is manufactured to your individual order and specific colour selection, there is no right of withdrawal and return.

* Compliant with AgBB standards
* Made in Germany
* Renewable raw materials / Breathable coatings
* High-coverage - matte finish
* 2,5 liters wall paint - covers up to 23 m²
* 0,75 liters lacquer - covers up to 10 m²