AURO has been the renowned manufacturer of ecological natural paints for 40 years. For the production of the Premium Matt Wall Paint and the Premium Matt Lacquer, raw materials primarily sourced from plant or mineral origins are used, which are carefully selected and combined. The raw materials used for the products are subject to permanent quality control which ensure the exceptional properties.

AURO is an eco-conscious paint is entirely natural, free of plastics and petrochemicals, and certified VOC-free. The paint not only delivers a matte finish with a beautiful sheen but also fosters a toxin-free environment for you and the world at large. With its breathable, diffusion-friendly properties, the paint enhances indoor air quality and promotes stable humidity levels.


In the manufacturing process of the Premium Matt Wall Paint and the Premium Matt Lacquer, raw materials are carefully selected and compiled. Plant-based and mineral raw materials such as e.g. plant extracts, chalk, minerals, and mineral or earth pigments ensure products that perfectly complement the high demand of quality of AURO and the pursuit of aesthetic products of SALTY interiors. The paints can be composted without causing harm to the environment. We completely dispense with petrochemical solvents in our sustainable paints.

Transparency is close to our hearts. As a result, fully declared ingredient information is available on product labels and technical data sheets, offering transparency and enabling consumers to ascertain the precise composition of the paints used.


The products are manufactured and tinted in Germany. While the production of the paints we have a never-ending striving for perfection in everything we do. Harmonious processes are being created and constantly optimized and different challenges are optimally responded to.

Moreover, we strive to make our production processes as sustainable as possible. For this reason, f.e. rainwater is collected in a water treatment plant and used in a targeted manner, such as cleaning the production containers after the paint production. The water being used can be returned to the water cycle in best quality afterwards.


We want to give our customers the best possible paint experience with a perfect smooth matte finish. For this reason, our products are constantly being improved and adapted and convince with high technical quality. The products are easy to apply and besides excellent values for coverage, hiding power and abrasion resistance, they offer a very low tendency to drip or spatter. 

Only using high-quality innovative, biogenic binders guarantees low emissions. Due to the consistent ecological selection of raw materials and adherence to stringent AgBB emission criteria, the products are highly recommended for use in nursery, living, and sleeping spaces. Furthermore, the paints have excellent substrate compatibility, perfect adhesion, freedom from oil and low odour during the drying period.

For tinting we use mineral pigments only which provide a very special haptic of the paint, aesthetic appearance and a warm and a feel-good ambience. These properties fit extremely well to the SALTY by AURO collection approach of SALTY Interiors and their way of Interior design thinking.


The paint buckets of the Premium Matt Wall Paint are made from recycled plastic collected from the sea. The recyclate is obtained from reused sources within the maritime sector, such as used fishing nets, trawls and ropes. By using our paint buckets made from recycled ocean plastic, we help to relieve the burden on the oceans
and recycle plastic waste in a meaningful way.


Since sustainability is close to our hearts in all areas, we only use cardboard boxes and paper filling materials for product shipping instead of plastic chips or similar. Since wood, from which the cardboard is made, is a renewable raw material, it is one of the most sustainable resources in the packaging sector. Furthermore, our logistic partner DPD delivers climate neutral since 2012 by offsetting the emissions generated during the transportation.